The Bay Butler was created one night over a casual meal at dinner discussing what our best family holidays were and why. We found our favourite holiday had five things in common: an amazing destination, food and drink sourced from local producers and stocked in the fridge, with restaurant and activity bookings organised and nannying services at the ready. The discussion evolved into our new business, The Bay Butler - Port Stephens, which aims to bring the things we loved about our family holidays to you. This small family business began with just the four of us, myself, Andrea, Deane, my husband, Gabriella and Lauren, our adult children (and lets not forget our beautiful dog, Ralph).
We are pleased to be working with the incredible providores in the area, bringing them together under one collective. Our vision will ensure guests staying at premium holiday locations will have a true taste of the Bay. More than ever it is critically important that we support our local community and help our small businesses grow.
We look forward to working with you.
Andrea, Deane, Gabriella & Lauren
(& Ralph, woof woof)